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Congress Spain 2017

Congress of Europae Thesauri
Albarracin-Teruel (Spain)
9-12 November 2017
Religious museums in the 21st Century. New publics, new technologies
9 November 2017
10.00 a.m. - Inauguration of the Congress. Salón de Actos de la Fundación « Santa María de Albarracín ».
10.30 a.m. - Inauguration Conference by Mr. José Maria Ballester.
11.30 a.m. – Visit of the Foundation buidlings and of the Albarracin Cathedral, recently restored.
2.00 p.m. Lunch.
4.00 p.m. First lecture by Mr. Antonio Jimenez, Manager of the Foundation, « Santa Maria, Métodos de restauración y proyección de los proyectos de la Fundación a la demanda del público
5.30 p.m. Second lecture by Mrs. Sibylla Goegebuer, Assistant Curator of the Saint-John’s Hospital in Bruges (Belgium) : The Sint-Janshospitaal Museum in Bruges, a history of continuity told by religious art and architecture
7.00 p.m. Visit of the city.
10 November 2017
9.00 a.m. Departure to Teruel.
10.00. a.m. Third lecture by Mr. Pedro Luis Hernando Sebastian, Director of the Teruel Museum of Sacred Art and Heritage Diocesan Delegate : Los retos de al museologia religiosa ante las nuevas tecnologias y los nuevos publicos. El caso del Museo de Arte Sacro de Teruel
11.00. a.m. Visit of the Museum of Sacred Art. Visit of the Mudejar Towers, World Heritage. Guided tour on the roof of the Teruel Cathedral and of the San Martin Church tower.
2.00 p.m. Lunch.
4.00. p.m. Fourth lecture by Dr. Julien Maquet, Le patrimoine protestant de Wallonie : entre mémoire et avenir d’une minorité
6.00 a.m. Visit of the San Pedro Church and of the « Mausoleo de los Amantes »
8.00. p.m. Return to Albarracin.
11 November 2017
10.00. a.m. Fifth lecture by Mr. Manuel Gracia Rivas : Museos versus exposiciones, una nueva tendencia en los museos de Arte Religioso de Espana
12.00. a.m. Visit of the Santa Maria Church, the San Juan Hermitage and the City Museum.
2.00. p.m. Lunch.
4.00. p.m. Sixth lecture by Dr. José Antonio Falçao, Historical and Artistic Heritage Delegate of the Beja Diocese
5.30. p.m. General Council of Europae Thesauri.
7.00. p.m. Closing of the Congress.
7.30. p.m. Piano Concert by the Armenian Performer Sofia Malikyan in la Iglesia Auditorio de Santa Maria de Albarracin
12 November 2017
Departure to Zaragoza with enough time to be able to link with the AVE to Madrid or Barcelona.
Important remarks
A pre-registration is asked as soon as possible.
The inscription fee will be around 100/120 €.
On Wednesday the 8th of November, it is planned that a bus pick up in Zaragoza people arriving at AVE. An hour of departure of that bus will be established.
The accommodation is provided in the hotels of the Foundation Santa Maria de Albarracin (60 € for a single room ; 80 € for a double room).
The distance between Albarracin and Teruel is about 38 km (about half an hour).
The distance between Zaragoza and Albarracin is about 180 km (about two hours by car)
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