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ATTENTION : the French text is the only legal reference


Article 1: NAME

It consists pedagogical international scientific association , artistic, called " EUROPAE thesauri "
This association is governed by the Belgian law of 25 October 1919, amended by Law of 6 December 1954 and 30 June 2000.


The headquarters of the association is located in Liege, rue Bonne Fortune , 6, Belgium. The seat can be transferred to any other place in Belgium by decision of the Management published in the month of the date the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette.


The association is devoid of any profit motive , is to meet officials and professionals (managers, researchers, curators, archivists ... ) for scientific, literary and technical exchanges whose purpose is collaboration and synergy of institutions to preserve and cultivate the image except ecclesiastical treasures .

EUROPAE thesauri wants to be the instigator of a new interdisciplinary mediation intended to engage the public in the knowledge and understanding of treasures by a development -friendly and adapted works of art .

EUROPAE thesauri wishes innovate many materials , develop good communication and release the emotion conducive to preserving the memory ensuring the perfect conservation and protection of works of art .


EUROPAE thesauri unites European Treasures , guarantors of historical and artistic memory.


The association is composed of staff members who are natural persons or legal entities , legally constituted under the laws and customs of their country of origin.

The actual founding members are :


Françoise Pirenne - Hulin
Curator of Textiles at Old Treasury of the Cathedral of Liège

Manually Anne Renault
Assistant Conservation Museum Fourvière in Lyon

Marie- Anne Sire
Chief Curator Heritage Inspector General of Historical Monuments , in charge of church treasuries of France


Clemens Bayer
Bonn - Researcher

Guy Bertauds of Chazaud
Curator of Antiquities and Works of Art of Indre -et-Loire

Bernard Berthod
Curator of the Museum of Fourvière and Consultors of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church

Philip George
Conservative Treasury of the Cathedral of Liège

Georges Goosse
Coordinator Managing the Treasury of the Cathedral of Liège

Julien Maquet
Conservative Managing the Treasury of the Cathedral of Liège

Massin Guy Le Goff
Curator of Antiquities and Works of Art Maine -et-Loire

Daniel Thurre
Treasury representative of Saint -Maurice Agaune

Étienne Vacquet
Managing Conservator of Antiquities and Works of Art Maine -et-Loire

Guus van den Hout
Curator of Museum Het Catharijneconvent and Consultors of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church

Article 5 : NEW MEMBERS

The admission of new members is subject to the following conditions:

1 ) full members

The accession as a full member is subject to appointment approved by the majority of staff members in a secret vote. The candidate is presented by two other staff members at the meetings of the General Assembly . This presentation will be announced in the agenda of the meeting of the General Assembly .

2) Honorary Members

Honorary members are individuals who are committed to support projects of the association. They are presented by the Management Board taking his unanimous decision of the board members ( the secret ballot may be requested ) . This presentation is made at the meeting of the General Assembly , it is announced in the agenda . The General Assembly may object to the appointment of an honorary member for a recommended to the President of the Management Board signed by the majority of members approved by the President , 48 hours before the meeting of the General Assembly mail. Otherwise, the meeting of the General Assembly approves the appointment .

Full members (active or resigned ) can not claim the title of honorary member .

3) Emeritus Members

Are full members resigned , the Board of Management wishes to honor .
Only full members have voting rights at the meeting of the General Assembly .
The quorum for voting shall be by majority vote.

Members of different categories may resign through a letter to the Chairman of the Management Board .

The exclusion of members may be proposed by the Management Board after hearing the defense of the individual and be passed by the General Assembly by a majority of two thirds of the members present or represented. The Management Authority may suspend the person pending the decision of the General Assembly .

A member who ceases ( by death or otherwise ) to be part of the association has no right to the social fund.

Article 6 : FEES

Members pay a fixed annual fee (for the category to which they belong) by the General Assembly on a proposal from the Management .


Article 7.

The General Assembly has full powers to achieve the objects of the association .

It consists of all members, honorary members and Fellows may attend without an advisory capacity.

Include reserved its jurisdiction the following points:

a) approval of budgets and accounts;

b) election and removal of directors ;

c) modification of the statutes ;

d) dissolution of the association

Article 8.

The General Assembly meets automatically every two years, in the course of the second quarter, chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Management, at the headquarters or at the place indicated in the notice.

It is made by the Management Board Scripter .

It is sent by electronic mail or any other means of communication 30 days before the General Assembly and contains the agenda . An extraordinary General Assembly may also be convened by 5 staff members.

Article 9.

Full members may each be represented at the General Assembly by another active member holding a special proxy. Each full member , however, may hold more than one proxy.

The General Assembly validly deliberate if at least half plus one of the members are present or represented.

Article 10.

Except in special cases provided by the present statutes the resolutions are passed by a simple majority of members present or represented and they are brought to the attention of all members.

It can not be held to any object that is not brought to the agenda.

Resolutions of the General Assembly shall be entered in a register signed by the Chairman of the Management Board , the Treasurer and the Secretary and kept by the scripter who will make available to members at each General Assembly

Article 11.

Without prejudice to Article 5 of the Law of 25 October 1919 , any proposal for modification of the statutes or the dissolution of the Association must come the management organ or of at least 5 members of staff of the association.

The Management Authority must be known to the members at least 30 days before the date of the General Assembly to approve the proposal.

Constitutional amendments will not take effect until approved by Royal Decree and published in accordance with Article 3 of the Law of 25 October 1919 .

The General Assembly shall determine the method of dissolution and liquidation of the association.


Article 12.

The association is managed by a management board composed of at least five members and a maximum of 11 members.

Directors are appointed by the General Assembly under the following conditions :

- A majority

- Mandate 4 years

- Renewable limitless.

In case of vacancy during a term, a provisional director may be appointed by the board management . He finished in this case the term of the director whom he replaces.

Directors may be removed by the General Assembly by a majority of two thirds of the members present or represented .

Article 13.

The Board elects , the following protocol order :

1) President ,

2) Vice President ,

3) Secretary-General ,

4) Treasurer

5) a scripter .

Article 14.

The Board meets following an agenda set by him, at least 2 times per year. The notice is sent by electronic mail or any other means of communication.

A director may be represented by another director who can not , however, hold more than one proxy .

The board can only validly deliberate if half plus at least one member is present or represented .

Article 15.

The Board has all the powers of management and management subject to the powers of the General Assembly . It delegates the daily management of the association 's Secretary-General or a director or officer . It may also confer special responsibility under specific powers to one or more persons .

Article 16.

Resolutions of the Management Authority are taken by a majority of the directors present or represented. In case of a tie , the Chairman has the casting vote .

Resolutions are listed in a register signed by all directors and retained by the scripter who will make available to members .

Article 17.

All acts involving the association , except in special proxy , signed by two directors including the Chairman who will not have to justify to third powers for this purpose.

Article 18.

Legal proceedings as plaintiff or defendant are followed by the Management Authority represented by its chairman or a director appointed for this purpose by it.


Article 19.

The financial year ends on December 31 .

The Board shall submit to the approval of the accounts for the financial year and the budget for the following year General Assembly .


Article 20.

Anything that is not intended by these articles and publications to the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette , shall be settled in accordance with the law.

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